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First Impression Matters

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your content is usually the first thing people will notice about you, your products or services.  Errors in your manuscript can be expensive to correct, be it via your website or other publications.  It could be even more costly if you have already gone to print before the error is noticed and you could simply loose valuable business because of it.


Good Content is King

According to the BBC article, analysis of website figures shows that a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. The depth of public feeling on this subject can be seen in the fact that in just two days 622 people had commented on an article and 10,803 people had shared the article with their friends online. Ensuring your content projects the right business image is worth a thought or two.

To read (printers’ proofs, copy, etc.) in order to detect and mark errors to be corrected [Dictionary.com]

Copy Editing
To edit (a manuscript, document, text, etc.) for publication, especially for punctuation, spelling, grammatical structure, style, etc. [Dictionary.com]

Why you Need a Copy Editor or Proof Reader
Your spell checker is unlikely to pick up on all the mistakes in your manuscript. These are some examples of common mistakes that can creep unnoticed in your manuscript and go to print:
Don’t stir at me X
Don’t stare at me √
The men left there coats on the train X
The men left their coats on the train √

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‘Spelling mistakes cost millions in lost online sales’ screamed a recent BBC website article.

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